Japan has a sophisticated system to alert its residents, and Mexico City has ubiquitous sirens. Is California's early warning system ready? LA Times
VOA VIEW: Not good.
VP Kamala Harris, with husband Doug Emhoff, made a brief surprise appearance at the Capital Pride Walk and Rally Saturday, wearing a pink blazer and "love is love" shirt New York Post
The F.B.I. scored two major victories, recovering a Bitcoin ransom and tricking lawbreakers with an encryption app. But criminals may still have the upper hand. New York Times


Houston Methodist was the first U.S. hospital to mandate employee vaccines and suspended 170 who refused. The dismissal could have a ripple effect.      USA Today
VOA VIEW: Hospitals can demand hiring rules and restrictions.
A federal judge has halted the Biden administration’s program offering loan forgiveness for minority farmers only, stating that the federal government “cannot discriminate on the basis of race.” U.S. District Court Judge William C. Griesbach granted Thursday a temporary restraining order in response to an anti-discrimination lawsuit filed in April ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: As he should
President Biden was asked by a group of British parliamentarians Friday to end his administration's hunt for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, who remains jailed in London pending a U.S. extradition request. A cross-party group of 24 parliamentarians made the request in an open letter to Mr. Biden that was issued ... Washington Times
Former President Donald Trump said Saturday that states should fight back against what he called the Biden Justice Department's efforts to whitewash "massive voter fraud" in the 2020 presidential election. Referring to Attorney General Merrick Garland's announcement Friday that he's doubling the Justice Department’s voting rights enforcement staff to combat ... Washington Times
Sen. Ron Johnson accused YouTube of censorship Friday after the Wisconsin Republican had his account on the platform suspended for sharing video footage of him touting treatments for COVID-19 of questioned effectiveness. YouTube confirmed it removed the video of Mr. Johnson for violating its rules against medical misinformation and explained ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: 230 must be cancelled.
Face masks are no longer required on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for individuals who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the Office of the Attending Physician stated Friday. Updated guidance issued by the office, which provides medical services to members of Congress, also said that fully ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: About time.


They’ve spent months in limbo, anxiously waiting to figure out how they would be able to celebrate Pride Month 2021. They could emerge from more than a year of isolation to celebrate their identities with the rest of their community, free to live as their ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A losing battle.
Heat alerts are in effect for 36 million people across six Southwest states ahead of a major heat wave. ABC
New laws on race related courses worry some teachers. ABC
VOA VIEW: Schools should not teach about race.
Top US and Chinese diplomats appear to have had another sharply worded exchange. ABC
VOA VIEW: China is lying and the US is acting weak.

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A security guard was shot and killed when he was ambushed as he stood guard outside of a bank during an attempted bank robbery. ABC
VOA VIEW: The Dems and Biden are causing lawlessness.
The nation's largest doctors' group is holding its annual policymaking meeting amid backlash over its sweeping plan to eliminate structural racism and bias in health care ABC
VOA VIEW: Madness!
"This recognition from both the House and Senate means so much to the LGBTQ+ community," Pulse Orlando wrote of the decision on Facebook. CBS
VOA VIEW: Crazy!


The initiative is called "Build Back Better World," a play on President Biden's slogan for improving infrastructure at home. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden is trying to buy the world like he is trying to do at home.
The flight aboard a New Shepard spacecraft will be the first with passengers on board. CBS
The 2,028,961 people screened on Friday represent 74% of the travel volume compared to the same day in 2019, signaling that summer travel is picking up. CBS
VOA VIEW: Americans should slow down.
The CDC called for "increased attention to, and prevention for, this population." CBS
VOA VIEW: People should not be held is seclusion.
Officials along the southern border say Mexican drug cartels are moving much larger shipments of drugs into the U.S. The amount of fentanyl jumped 800% in just one year. Janet Shamlian got an exclusive look at one area where agents and state troopers say it's harder to track drug smugglers because more migrants are also crossing the border. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden should let law enforcement do their jobs.

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If the Fed's view on inflation prevails, a few key things have to go right, particularly when it comes to getting people back to work. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden should not provide free money for not working,
President Joe Biden will press G-7 leaders to take concrete steps to counter China's rising global influence on Saturday, the second day of the annual summit. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden will not succeed.
Dr. Peter Hotez explains why southern states could feel the impact of the highly transmissible delta variant of coronavirus as early as summer. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Everyone is guessing.

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A bipartisan group of House lawmakers on Friday unveiled an expansive set of antitrust reforms that could reshape Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The big techs must be cut down in size.
Some of the largest U.S. newspaper groups — like Tribune, McClatchy and Media News Group — are owned, controlled by or in debt to hedge funds or private equity groups. CNBC looks at how this happened. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Newspapers are dead, they haven't been buried.
"For the past couple of weeks, housing has been hot instead of blazing hot," Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman told CNBC on Friday. CNBC
As America reopens, people have forgotten their manners. From sports stadiums to retail stores to airlines, there's been a rise in bad behavior. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Don't push it.
An unrelenting surge in gun violence and murder is gripping American cities even before the habitual summer spike in crime, leaving police brass from New York to New Orleans scrambling for solutions. CNN
VOA VIEW: Not funding and not respecting police will cause unrest.
West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is increasingly drawing the ire of progressive Democrats. With the slimmest of majorities in the Senate, Democrats need every vote and Manchin's unwillingness to bend on issues such as filibuster reform is getting in the way of the party's legislative priorities. CNN
VOA VIEW: What will be his ultimate price?
During a debate over a controversial fetal remains bills, Democratic state representative Brian Sims called out Pennsylvania's House Republicans for being overwhelming white and male. CNN
VOA VIEW: A major race problem is being promoted by Biden.
Dozens of cases of whiskey sit on the ground floor of the James E. Pepper Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky, ready to be shipped -- but, because President Joe Biden hasn't moved to end trade disputes started under former President Donald Trump, none of it will be going to thirsty customers overseas. CNN
A teacher who taught controversial sex-education classes that included cartoon videos on masturbation for first grader.s at the posh Dalton School has resigned. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Madness!
"Critical race theory," the phrase that has captured headlines and driven news cycles, was once relegated to the halls of academia. But as CRT and its associated ideas have spread to school districts, so went the demographics of people debating its implications. FOX News
Pentagon leaders told a Senate committee that they were not informed of acting Navy Secretary Thomas Harker's plan to defund a sea-launched cruise missile. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is hurting the military, as did Obama.
A new Gallup Poll has found that while very few Americans identify as transgender, most have an opinion on the issue. UPI
VOA VIEW: More Biden divisiveness.
A U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer joined an Australian Navy frigate for exercises this week in the South China Sea, the U.S. Navy announced on Friday. UPI

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