If you wonder how Gov. Andrew Cuomo can possibly escape removal from office and perhaps even win re-election next year, consider Assemblywoman Diana Richardson (D-B’klyn). Richardson showed up at Cuomo’s “We’re all really anti-crime” Brooklyn press conference on Wednesday and was all lovey-dovey (literally, they exchanged kisses afterward and the gov told her, “I love... New York Post
VOA VIEW: New Yorkers need to wake up - their politicians are hurting them.
GOP mayoral nominee Curtis Sliwa blasted Democratic rival Eric Adams' victory lap -- after Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared the Brooklyn borough president the next mayor. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Dems take their win for granted - a GOP can't win.
Something wondrous has happened in Cuba: For the very first time in the 62 years since the Castro dynasty turned the island into a totalitarian dystopia, Cubans have taken to the streets from one end of the island to the other, denouncing their repressive regime and calling for freedom. They can be seen and heard... New York Post
VOA VIEW: They want and demand freedom.


With one foot out the door, Mayor Bill de Blasio is setting up a nightmare budget crunch for Gotham’s next mayor — and trying to hide the damage in the process. De Blasio’s latest financial plan, which went into effect July 1, projects a $4.1 billion cash shortfall next year — a huge chunk of... New York Post
VOA VIEW: De Blasio has financially hurt NYC
A New York State federal judge nullified the suspension of legendary horse trainer Bob Baffert on Wednesday. New York Post
VOA VIEW: A doubletake makes you wonder.
An F.C.C. rule that went into effect last month is meant to help put a stop to those relentless calls about your extended warranty, and others. New York Times
Britney Spears will get to select her own lawyer in her conservatorship case, Judge Brenda Penny ruled at the pop star's July 14 hearing.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Spears has the right to financially run her affairs' - up or down.
Republicans were already rolling their eyes at the media hype surrounding the runaway Texas Democrats even before Vice President Kamala D. Harris compared them to Frederick Douglass and activists from the civil-rights era. At a Wednesday roundtable on voting rights, Ms. Harris extolled the “great sacrifice” of the nearly 60 ... Washington Times
Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Wednesday that Senate Democrats should consider eliminating the filibuster to pass an update of the nation’s voting-rights law, allowing the Biden administration to block certain elections changes in Republican-led states.   “The right to vote should never be a partisan endeavor, but if the Senate is ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Dems are scared that they may hurt their future if the eliminate the filibuster.


The audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County by the Arizona Senate has turned up a discrepancy with the numbers provided by the county officials. Senate President Karen Fann said in an interview with radio host Mike Broomhead that the discrepancy was sufficient grounds for the legislature to acquire ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Election fraud happened in 2020 - only fools and Dems don't believe the truth.
Abortion providers and pro-choice advocates filed a federal lawsuit this week, asking the court to halt a Texas law going into effect that bans abortion after six weeks and allows private citizens to sue abortion providers for violating the law. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Members of the Democratic Blue Dog Coalition are urging House leadership to launch a bipartisan investigation into COVID-19's origins in China. The coalition, made up of conservative or centrist Democrats, wants a bipartisan commission to assess the U.S. preparations and response to the outbreak, as well as the origins of ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Let the truth be known.
Police are being attacked in major cities where departments are struggling to maintain staff. Two officers were shot on Monday in Baltimore, three officers were physically assaulted in Portland on Sunday, and three law enforcement officials were shot last week in Chicago. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The left are hurting their own safety.

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The Biden administration was accused Wednesday of a double-standard on asylum-seekers after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned that Cubans fleeing unrest and persecution from the island's Communist regime would be turned away.  Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, compared the hard line on refugees from Cuba and Haiti to President ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden bars Cubans, but welcomes illegals from the southern border.
REvil, a Russian-based hacking group held responsible for several recent major ransomware attacks, abruptly vanished from the internet this week. Websites and infrastructure run by REvil went offline without explanation Tuesday, triggering speculation about whether the prolific ransomware group could have called it quits, willingly or otherwise. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Crazy!
The first Black Republican elected to the Alabama Legislature since Reconstruction said Wednesday that his election to represent a heavily white suburban district shows that the GOP "is open to everyone.” Retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Paschal was elected Tuesday to fill a legislative seat in suburban Shelby ... Washington Times


A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday the federal government's ban on evicting tenants can remain in place over protest from mom-and-pop landlords. A group of landlords had asked the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to halt the eviction moratorium, saying it is unconstitutional and an overreach ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Totally unconstitutional.
Officials say a 36-year-old South Florida woman has been arrested weeks after the bodies of her two young daughters were found floating in a canal ABC
Newly confirmed cases per day have doubled over the past 2 weeks in the U.S. ABC
VOA VIEW: Covid may not be over.
The National Interagency Fire Center says the fires have burned 2 million acres — an area larger than the state of Delaware. CBS
VOA VIEW: Carelessness or the sign of the times.
Here's why everything with wheels seems to be getting pricier — and when that trend is likely to reverse. CBS
VOA VIEW: Good and bad news.

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"We refuse to relegate either the Second Amendment or 18- to 20-year-olds to a second-class status," Judge Julius Richardson wrote for the two-judge majority. CBS
VOA VIEW: An interesting position.
President Biden is condemning Republicans' efforts to restrict voting access, calling it the "most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War." CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden sounds like the fool he is.
New Consumer Price Index data is pushing up the estimated Social Security cost-of-living adjustment to 6.1% for 2022. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is causing the inflation and other problems.

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The IRS and President Biden are stepping up rules to crack down on cryptocurrency holders in the U.S. CNBC
Biden's appearance at a caucus lunch came hours after the lawmakers announced they had reached an agreement on a multitrillion-dollar budget resolution. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Total madness and the nation cannot afford this spending.
The proposed Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act would remove marijuana from the controlled substances list. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The nation would go high.
Victims have lost a combined $488 million, mostly from fraud involving online shopping and travel. The child tax credit poses a new opportunity for scammers. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Some losses caused by individuals looking for a free ride.
The Texas Senate passed a Republican-led elections reform bill Tuesday night after dozens of House Democrats fled the state to avoid voting on the measure.  CNBC
Facebook plans to pay out $1 billion now through 2022 to users who create content for its Facebook and Instagram social networks, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Facebook is trying to buy info and lies.
The U.S. will begin evacuating Afghan nationals and their families who assisted U.S. and NATO forces during the war and who may face retribution by the Taliban. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Mainly Dems, blacks and the poor.
• Fact-checking Republicans' false narratives around Biden's door-to-door vaccine efforts • White House prepares to fight back in the Covid vaccine disinformation war CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN deception.
The Justice Department's inspector general found that the FBI made numerous serious errors in investigating sexual abuse scandals against former USA Gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The FBI is sounding more and more like a rogue agency.
Fierce wildfires in the Pacific Northwest are threatening Native American lands where tribes already are struggling to conserve water and preserve traditional hunting grounds amid a historic drought in the U.S. West. FOX News
San Diego parents blasted county officials Tuesday morning over continued coronavirus restrictions even though Gov. Gavin Newsom lifted most statewide orders in mid-June and as California now has one of the nation’s lowest new infection rates. FOX News
VOA VIEW: CA flipflops.
Nearly four dozen veteran Massachusetts State Police troopers are being reassigned from specialty units to barracks to help patrol streets amid a staffing shortage, according to a local report. FOX News
VOA VIEW: This is another sign of the Biden times.
The U.S. military will develop artificial intelligence ethically and responsibly, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in remarks on Wednesday. UPI
Olympic organizers said on Wednesday that the Tokyo Summer Games will be the first that are gender-equal -- and announced a new oath that will be taken by athletes, coaches and judges. UPI
VOA VIEW: Total madness and ignorance.
China claimed the United States was engaging in "intentional provocations" and harming peace and stability. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden cannot show weakness and back off from China's boast.
An unexpected decline in mortgage rates has led to a sharp increase in refinancing demand in the United States, an industry report said Wednesday. UPI
The United Arab Emirates inaugurated its first embassy in Israel on Wednesday -- two weeks after Israel opened an embassy in the Middle Eastern nation. UPI
VOA VIEW: Hopefully, there will be peace between the two nations.

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